MBA in Leadership and Sustainability
“The MBA Leadership and Sustainability on RKC's Online Campus was a very good experience. Apart from the topic of the MBA being very important and very well grounded, all the modules were well structured and flexible. The faculty and staff were always available to answer any questions. For the preparation of assignments and dissertations the University of Cumbria has a large digital library collection with easy access. Without a doubt, this MBA is recommended to everyone who wants to excel professionally in the field of leadership and sustainability.”

Effective public health policy is an increasingly important means of developing a more holistic approach to healthcare, and this MBA programme will equip managers with the tools to analyse, direct and develop activities designed to improve the public health environment of their region.

The MBA programmes benefit greatly from the internationality derived from recruiting students from across the globe, and drawing on tutors well qualified in their field.

Learn at Switzerland’s premier private college and graduate with students from over 130 different countries and from the University of Cumbria.