MSc in Marketing
“At the beginning of my MSc Marketing programme, I set three simple objectives for myself. Looking back, RKC did not disappoint me one bit. I am living my dream of being a sound and thoroughbred marketing professional who is adequately equipped to impact significantly on the success of brands, add to the body of research findings in the field of marketing, nurture the next generation of marketers and salesmen and build a valuable network of professional associates. I am excited always to inspire anyone with a genuine quest for postgraduate knowledge to choose RKC. There is an excellent team of support at your disposal always to help and guide you at your pace.”

This MBA is designed to help you meet the challenges of the complex environment in which organisations today must increasingly operate, with global markets no longer the sole remit of multinational corporations.

The programme includes a module on the International Marketing and Business Environment, while in the residency you will join with fellow students from a multinational environment to develop the skills needed to tackle global-local challenges in ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

The MBA programmes benefit greatly from the internationality derived from recruiting students from across the globe, and drawing on tutors well qualified in their field.

Learn at Switzerland’s premier private college and graduate with students from over 130 different countries and from the University of Cumbria.