Online MA in Leading Innovation and Change

Module Descriptions

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Not-for-credit module

The prelude to your MA programme is our not-for-credit induction module, which will be the starting point of the programme. The induction process is designed to familiarise you with the programme design, requirements and resources, as well as with the way online interaction, learning and grading will take place. After the induction you should be familiar with academic life, including academic writing, library services and library access, OnlineCampus access, and academic support services.

Leading Innovation and Change

This module explores leadership theory and practice in relation to theories and processes of innovation and change. It includes the opportunity to explore leadership techniques relevant to change management, entrepreneurship and innovation. You will be encouraged to use your own experience in leadership roles to inform discussion, enquiry, critical thinking and reflection.

Essence of Leadership

The aim of this module is critically to appraise theories of personal and organisational leadership and models of organisational behaviour, in order to understand how to influence them as a leader. The module includes the opportunity to use diagnostic processes for assessing personal leadership abilities and organisational effectiveness. In addition to sharing personal experiences, you will evaluate the strategic behaviours of others.

Indicative content: perspectives of leaders and leadership in organisations, eg traits and styles; diagnosing and leading organisational effectiveness; theories of group and team behaviour and team development; collaborative working; participative and shared leadership.

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

The aim of this module is to build awareness and understanding of strategic thinking and strategic leadership and its contribution to business performance by reviewing relevant theories, models and concepts. You will develop an appreciation of the complexity of relationships and tensions associated with designing and leading strategy. Indicative content: strategic thinking and strategic leadership: theory, process and practice; skills of strategic leadership; the role of the executive in strategy formulation; forging links between leadership, strategy, change and innovation; approaches to embedding strategy within the organisation.

Culture and Innovation in Organisations

This module reviews the cultural context of organisations and its impact on leadership. The politics of organisations and of people working within organisations are explored in relation to beliefs, values and norms within groups, social systems, personal preferences, styles and behaviour. Why are some teams more responsive and how do we overcome resistance?

Indicative content: organisational culture: shared beliefs, values, norms behaviours, group processes, organisational politics, shadow side influences in organisations, leadership.