Online MA in Leading Innovation and Change

Admission Requirements

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All candidates entering this programme must have significant work, and ideally management, experience, and be in a position to influence their organisations.

In addition, they will normally possess at least one of the following minimum entry requirements:

Applicants will normally have appropriate professional or academic qualifications in fields such as Finance, Accountancy, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Business Administration or Law.

If an applicant’s first language is not English, he/she must be able to demonstrate oral and written fluency in English. Working or studying in an English-speaking environment will usually be sufficient to demonstrate an acceptable competence. Otherwise, a student whose first language is not English will be required to achieve IELTS 6 or above with no less than Band 6 in writing, or equivalents acceptable to the University of York St John and Robert Kennedy College..

Each qualified applicant will be interviewed by the Dean of Robert Kennedy College or his nominee in person or by telephone. The main purpose of the interview is to select motivated applicants with the ability to benefit from a solid commitment to the programme. In its efforts to create and support widening participation, York St John University and Robert Kennedy College actively encourage applications from all ages, of any gender, ethnic and/or social background and from students with disabilities.