Online Master of Laws in Advanced Information Technology Law

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The LL.M Advanced Information Technology Law meets the current demand for specialist knowledge and skills in the rapidly expanding fields of international commercial and business law with a special focus on the application of law in the IT sector. It provides students with the opportunity to explore, in-depth, the legal regulation of the world of international business. Academically rigorous, the LL.M will expose students to a practical real-world application of the law.

The LL.M is taught by an outstanding team of professional research active staff who have extensive practice and academic experience. The programme aims to enhance knowledge and critical thinking in this area.

The programme provides advanced critical analysis of the key themes and emerging challenges facing businesses operating in or connected to the IT sector, in a global context such as in international/global business environments and innovation and enterprise.

This programme is entirely delivered by distance learning. RKC has tailor-made, state-of-the-art software for online course delivery called “OnlineCampus”, which is a highly evolved all encompassing, interactive and easy-to-use software designed to make studying online an enjoyable experience.