Online LL.M - Master of Laws in International Business Law

Aims and Outcomes

The programme aims to provide students with a rigorous academic experience whilst also developing innovative methods of delivery, particularly in the use of technology enhanced learning. Much emphasis is placed on ‘deep’ learning whereby learners grasp and apply principles to different contexts and experiences. Skill usage is integrated with subject knowledge, and skill and subject coverage is designed to be incremental. Methods of innovative delivery use pedagogical approaches such as active learning from quizzes and experiments, role play and debates, enquiry-based learning and interactive learning using group discussions and clinical legal education methods.

Students are encouraged to critically reflect critically on their skills development in order to develop their ability to make sound professional judgments. This allows students to actively apply and integrate the theory of law with legal and professional skills.

The main aims of the programme are:

  1. To facilitate a critical awareness of current issues and the transnational business environment, informed by leading edge research and practice.
  2. To equip students, through the use of seminar/workshop-based learning, with the ability to demonstrate effective skills of team work, self-confidence in group situations, and critical and analytical reasoning skills.
  3. To develop a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of the complex legal, economic and political issues surrounding international trade relations, global business and their regulation.
  4. To develop skills to enable the synthesis and interpretation of course material and enable students to develop their own theories and hypotheses in the context of existing recorded material applied to new situations, and be able to communicate their ideas effectively.
  5. To provide the basis, in particular through the undertaking of the dissertation but also through the undertaking of coursework, for the development of critical analytical skills and application of academic knowledge for further research within the area of International Business Law.