Online LL.M - Master of Laws in International Business Law

Admission Requirements

The entry requirements for the Online LLM are drawn up in accordance with the University’s regulations, as indicated below.

A) The candidate must satisfy one, or combination, of the following conditions; hold one of the following prior to commencement of the Programme:

  1. A UK first degree with honours at a minimum of 2:2 or above.
  2. A non-graduate qualification which the University deems to be of satisfactory standard for the purpose of post-graduate admission.
  3. In the absence of a UK first degree with honours (or equivalent), the candidate should have relevant work experience and have held a position of responsibility in a legal department or managerial position for a minimum of three years within the previous five years.

B) For non UK degree programmes, the University will use the NARIC database to determine its equivalence to a UK honours degree.

C) Applicants presenting non-standard qualifications with substantial legal practice and law related experience may be invited for an interview to present their experiential learning.

D) If an applicant’s first language is not English, he or she must be able to demonstrate oral and written fluency in English. Working or studying in an English-speaking environment will usually be sufficient to demonstrate an acceptable competence. Otherwise applications for admission must be accompanied by a certificate of competency in the English language from a recognised institution or programme - English language requirements for non-English-speaking students are a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or minimum TOEFL score of 600, or equivalent.

In view of the compulsory residential element in the UK, applicants must demonstrate prima facie eligibility for entry to the UK on a student visitor visa, as per the information available at

In its efforts to create and support widening participation, the University of Cumbria and Robert Kennedy College actively encourage applications from all ages, of any gender, ethnic and/or social background and from students with disabilities.