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Programmes offered by University of Cumbria in exclusive partnership with Robert Kennedy College

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Tuition Agreement

I have carefully read and understood the Catalogue of Academic Programmes. I understand that any amendment to the Catalogue will be reported on the college website at I know its contents and I am bound by its conditions and rules.

I understand that the college might extend a payment plan to myself. If I fail to timely pay under the method or plan agreed upon admission, then the Robert Kennedy College is entitled to claim the unpaid balance I owe.

I understand that upon admission the College will incur various expenses, including my matriculation fee at University of Cumbria, administration fees and other costs. I understand that if for reasons independent from the college I will be unable to follow the course I applied for, I won’t be able to claim a refund on paid tuition fees or instalments.

The total tuition fees that I will have to pay is 10,000.00 Swiss Francs payable in interest-free instalments.

This contract is governed by Swiss law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.